Middle East Inspired Garden

This Caldicot new-build garden was designed with a Middle East inspired theme. The client had recently moved into the property and although the house was finished to a high standard, the garden was not.

The brief was to create a low maintenance space that could be used as an extension of their indoor living space. The client required a covered seating area with a fire pit and bold planting to evoke the ‘middle eastern’ influence within the design.

The designs incorporated a sunken seating area with a central fire pit which could be used for cooking as well as comfort. The geometry of the house was reflected within the lines of the design and softened with lush planting.

The seating area was to incorporate integrated seating, drainage and coloured furnishings. This design feature was influenced by luxury bedouin tent design. Lighting would also add interest at night making this a true extension of the house.

garden design sketch caldicot garden design middle east inspired middle east garden design



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