2 Acre Garden – Tormarton

This large Georgian Bath Stone property was enclosed by beautiful dry stone walls. The existing South Gloucestershire site was divided into several different areas. My brief was to develop a general spatial arrangement for the 2 acre site and a master plan for the main formal garden. Overall the garden lacked a sense of journey and offered few opportunities to sit and enjoy the views of the borrowed landscape.

The main garden was adjacent to the south façade of the house and had a more formal feel. It was predominantly put to lawn and planted with some semi mature trees. There was a stone patio adjacent to the house which could be extended. The existing stone wall (field boundary) was in need of developing. This area had huge potential. My view was that this part of the space should be treated as a traditional formal garden. We agreed that there was potential for planting beds, lighting and perhaps a water feature. The views out onto the borrowed space could be framed, creating an interesting composition from inside the property, with all year round interest formed by structural planting.

The Design

I was given relatively free rein on the design with my only remit being that the design be in keeping with the character of the property. The garden was divided into three separate lawns by breedan gravel paths.tormarton-garden-plan

A central rill lead the eye onto the landscape beyond which was framed with hornbeam. A cascade water feature formed the back drop to a hardwood deck seating area with comfortable rattan style garden sofas.tormarton-badminton-gloucestershire

The overall scheme had a formal style taken from influences of Georgian architecture. The layout was simple and used simple hard landscaping which would be made more spectacular with use of a modern planting pallet. Two pleached hornbeam avenues formed vistas onto the second part of the garden.




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