Monthly Archives: March 2012

Water Wise Gardens

With a hose pipe ban expected to come into force next month I discuss how planting the right plant in the right place will help your planting schemes thrive whatever the weather. As a garden designer I use these principles for a sustainable landscaping approach. Sound horticultural principles are the...
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Ponds in Garden Design

Ponds and pools are a much sort after feature to any garden, classic or contemporary in style. Traditionally two main types of pond (or ‘pool’) design are used in landscape and garden design – formal and informal (sometimes also referred to as naturalistic).   Formal ponds tend to take the...
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Designing and specifying a lawn

In most gardens lawns play a key role in the layout and design of a garden. The lines, shape and proportion of a lawn tend to lead the eye around the space as well as contributing to the spirit (or ‘geni loci’) of a design composition. In a contemporary garden...
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